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A. Getting Started
B. Technical Process
C. Princing
D. Resources
    Section A "Getting Started"

  1. Q: What services do you provide?
  2. A: We are a primerly a pattern service; however we also do consulting to all areas of the apparel process.
  3. Q: What do you need from me to start the project?
  4. A: Please fill out the form at contact page so we can begin the process.

  5. Q: If I send you garments to work from do you send them back?
  6. A: Yes, we will return them. In some rare cases we may have to take it apart but would make you aware of it prior to doing so.

  7. Q: What if I do not sketch that well?
  8. A: That is not a problem. Fill out the form and we will take a look at your rough sketches.

  9. Q: What if I have little knowledge of the industry?
  10. A: This should not hold you back if this is something you are passionate about. We are willing to answer any questions you have and suggest helpful resources.

  11. Q: I feel overwhelmed since I know so little about the process?
  12. A: Just take it one step at a time and you will learn everything you need to.
  13. Q: I was told I need to read books about this industry?
  14. A: It is good to be as knowledgeable as possible. You may want to cross reference any reading material because there is the text book way of
    doing thingsand the way things are actually done in the industry.

  15. Q: I am concerned about someone taking my ideas?
    A: We have a non-disclosure agreement that we sign.

  16. Q: Is it worth the cost to patent the idea?
  17. A: Do some research on the Internet and see if there is a similar product. Remember that someone may be able to change something slightly and
    get away with it.

  18. Q: How do I know if my ideas are good?
  19. A: Show them to several people you trust. There is a market for everything.

  20. Q: The company I was working with will not give me my work and I have paid?
  21. A: Try to work things out with them. If it is not possible, determine if it is worth your time and stay focused of your goals.
  22. Q: I have had a bad experience with another company and it is hard to trust anyone?
  23. A: Look back to see what went wrong and use it as a learning experience. Do not let this destroy your chances of moving ahead. Communication is
    the key in developing new relationships.

  24. Q: I have several companies in mind to work with and am torn which one to go with?
  25. A: Ask plenty of questions. Do not feel bad about wasting their time since it is important to find the right fit; just make sure you have all the
    questions ready when you get them on the phone and go with your gut.

  26. Q: How long have you been in this business?
  27. We have been in the industry over 25 years.

  28. Q: When can we get started?
  29. A: As soon as you place order. Remember the starting date depends on availability in schedule. .

  30. Q: Do we need to meet; I am in another state?
  31. A: It is not necessary as most clients are in different states.

  32. Q: I have been told that I do not know what I am doing and I am crazy for doing this?
  33. A: Surround yourself with people who are supportive and have your best interest in mind. Please remember that some criticism may be constructive.

  34. Q: How many garments should I make for a line of clothing?
  35. A: 12- 24. If budget is an issue do not make any more than you feel comfortable doing.

  36. Q: I have an idea and I would like to sell it to a big company?
  37. A: Get a patent for the idea, make a proto type, and present it to a big company with them signing an agreement prior to seeing it.

  38. Q: What is the biggest mistake you see people make or the questions they forget to ask?
  39. A: The process of doing the line can be very exciting but it does take some investment of time and making wise decisions. Carefully go though
    the steps and always ask about anything that you do not understand.

  40. Q: We have a celebrity we would like you to make some clothes for. How do you go about making it fit them if you do not meet?
  41. A: I will need something from their wardrobe or their measurements to work from as well as a sketch or photo of the style.

  42. Q: I want to get started but I don't think I can afford to yet?
  43. A:1. See our new discounted prices!
    2. During slow times additional discounts may apply.
    3. Package discount applied to large projects.
    4. Free patterns for recommending new clients.
    5.Our list of resources, exclusively available to our clients,offers wholesale prices which are a substantial savings off of regular retail prices.
    6. Bartering available! What products or services do you offer that may be of use to us?
    7.Work directly with sewing factories to get competitive industry pricing...

  44. Q: Does your company have flexible hours to go over my project since I work full time?
  45. A:We understand that most of our clients are staring their company on the side while mantaining a job.
    1. We are available for consultations or meetings in the evening, weekend, and daytime.
    2. We are discrete in dealing with your project as we are aware that it could be considered a conflict of interest if you are employed.
    3. We understand that you will be very excited about your project. It is natural you will want to share this with you boss and co workers. It is also
    possible you tempted to work on your project during company time. Both of these are very unwise because as it will appear as a conflict of interest
    and lack of commitment to your job regardless of how understanding those in the work place appear to be. We also highly recommend you stay at
    your job until you project becomes very profitable and you do not have time to maintain both.

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    Section B "Technical Process"

  46. Q: Do the patterns that you make belong to me?
  47. A: Yes, they belong to you.

  48. Q: Do you keep a copy of the patterns?
  49. A: No, we do not keep any copies of your patterns.You may purchase copies for your records though.

  50. Q: How long does the process take?
  51. A: To make patterns we need to see what is involvedto be able to give you an estimate.

  52. Q: What size do I make the samples?
  53. A: You can pick any size for them to be fitted in.

  54. Q: How do I get the fit right?
  55. A: If you want them to fit like certain styles that you have, we can go off those and work in the style lines. If it is something that you do not have a
    garment for, we will get enough info from you to make it happen.

  56. Q: What if my sample needs fit changes?
  57. A: We get plenty of info from you prior to starting the pattern to try and avoid numerous fittings. Any fit revisions to the pattern itself are typically included in price.

  58. Q: Do you think I should get a muslin made prior to getting the real sample made?
  59. A: If you are working with expensive fabric or doing styles that are not typical lines.

  60. Q: When do I get all the different sizes made?
  61. A: Once you approve the fit and want to go into production.

  62. Q: What are your production minimums?
  63. A: 100 pieces in U.S.A. and that can be assorted sizes and colors.

  64. Q: Can I do less than the production minimum?
  65. A: Yes, but it would cost a little more per garment.

  66. Q: Do you think it is best to do production in U.S.A. or overseas?
  67. A: It depends on what you are making.

  68. Q: How long does it take to do the production?
  69. A: Once you have approved the garment, fabric and trim it take about1-2 months.

  70. Q: How is the production typically shipped?
  71. A: It is flat packed in individual plastic bags and the factory can apply labels and hang tags.

  72. Q: I have already placed an order with another company and they put my work aside and do not return my calls?
  73. A: Try to get an idea of when it will be completed. Be positive and try to work it out. If that does not work, just tend to the details and keep it moving.

  74. Q: How will we work from a distance?
  75. A: Email, phone and mail. We will go over the process to make it simple.

  76. Q: Can I sew the garments myself?
  77. A: Yes, remember it must look nice if buyers are going to look at it.

  78. Q: Can you work from my patterns?
  79. A: We prefer to make our own patterns. We would need to look at them to see if they are suitable.

  80. Q: I think I am ready to go into production; what do I need?
  81. A: Patterns, samples, markers, and fabric.

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    Section C "Pricing"

  82. Q: What are your fess for consulting?
  83. A: The inital consultation and the resource page at our site at not cost to clients. Additional requested information could be given at an hourly fee.

  84. Q: How do you charge?
  85. A: By the actual work that we do. There are some price estimates at our website. To get an actual price you will need to provide sketches and
    we will go over pricing and process.

  86. Q: Can I get a discount?
  87. A: Bulk orders can get more of a discount. We may also suggest ways upon seeing sketches to make this possible.

  88. Q: What is the smallest order you take?
  89. A: One style.

  90. Q: How do I pay?
  91. A: Money order, check, bank wire, PayPal or credit card.

  92. Q: How do I figure out how much to charge for my garments?
  93. A: We have formulas that may be helpful.

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    Section D "Resources"

  94. Q: Do you design or illustrate?
  95. A: We can give you our design opinion and provide technical sketches for the cutters must (page that gives sewing info) If you are looking for
    designing or making beautiful sketches for the purpose of marketing go to our resource page.

  96. Q: What about finding embroidery, screen printing, fabric, labels, buttons, trims?
  97. A:That information is available at our resource page.

  98. Q: I do not know anything about the different types of fabric and feel silly when I call since I cannot answer their questions?
  99. A: Most of the resources we will suggest are accustomed to dealing with small companies and you can always give them a swatch that is
    similar to what you are looking for.

  100. Q: I do not feel like looking for fabrics and trims; can you do it?
  101. A:You will save money if you do your own leg work. It may be possible if do not mind the additional expense and depending how busy we are.
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